For Elizabeth’s sleep and peak performance website, please go directly to http://www.SleeplessNoMore.com. This site is NOT her sleep help and training website.

Elizabeth Shannon, an economics graduate from Sydney University, has worked for, or consulted to, a broad range of companies including KPMG, Kellogg’s and the NAB.

Elizabeth Shannon Elizabeth Shannon

Since 1998 when she invented the dual-temperature Compatibility Blanket® to solve the temperature differences between hot and cold bed partners, she has researched sleep and fatigue. Surprised by the gap between sleep research and how insomniacs approach their problem, she developed world-class online sleep education programs. Her online seminar series Sleep With The Experts, was attended by insomniacs and health care professionals from the US, UK, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Europe, Canada and Australia, and attracted national television coverage on Network 10’s 9am with David and Kim. The book Sleep Mojo was released late 2011.  She now consults to businesses and health care professionals on peak performance through fatigue management, and teaching staff how to sleep better in order to improve their brain function, management skills, accuracy, creativity and memory.

Shannon thought very little about her frequent appearances in the national media – but after colleague requests she developed the “Loud In A Crowd” online training program, to help business owners learn how to do their own publicity.

While developing this business Elizabeth has noticed that many coaching students and businesses are asking her for various other services which her team now provides such as website building, branding, internet marketing, electronic product development, online webinar training, etc.

“There are a lot of pieces to put together in a business” Elizabeth stated, “I didn’t realize how few leaders are actually media-ready when they come to me for publicity”.

“It’s incredibly rewarding dealing with highly motivated business owners to show them effective ways to market their business that don’t cost the earth”, Elizabeth continued.

“Funnily, throughout my life I’ve always been in trouble for being noisy; now its my business”, she laughed.

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